PaendragTanreall 1 year ago

New server! - at AquaHeptiCraft (v. 1.12.2)

PaendragTanreall 1 year ago

Outdoor theater! - at GaymerCraft (v. 1.12.2)

look at da screen! - at GaymerCraft

Look it"s Hammona! - at GaymerCraft

Checking out the new server! - at GaymerCraft

PaendragTanreall 1 year ago

testing - at GaymerCraft (v. 1.12.2 with fml forge)

CrumblrCeption! - at CrumblrCraft

Look a Stargate! - at CrumblrCraft

Thanks bright_spark it works! - at DevServer

/ohsnap command is working! - at DevServer

I kinda miss flying A-10's in Minecraft.

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Demonstration of new command to post status updates from Minecraft.

/crumblr post <wall target> <privacy> <comment>

Valid arguments:
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Crumblr post

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Not a terrible spawn area...

Not a terrible spawn area...
PaendragTanreall 2 years ago

Hey there Christian! - at CrumblrCraft (v. 1.12.2 with fml forge)